How is Samsung Galaxy S22, plus and ultra, price, reviews, pros and cons

how is the Samsung Galaxy S22? is it worth the price? What is the difference between S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra? To answer these questions, we review and compare Samsung’s 2024 flagship mobile phones. We quickly explain the user and reach reviews, features, pros and cons, reading time: 5 minutes.

Galaxy S22 Ultra is “premium” priced phone like the iPhone 13Pro, So Samsung S22 Ultra is one of the best flagship phones in 2024. That is to say that, like many phone manufacturers, Samsung also is fighting on the front of premium and high-priced phones. At the same time, Samsung is trying to retain high-end but affordable phone customers with phones like the Samsung S21 FE.

If we look at the reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Smart Phone positioned in top of best phones in 2024. If you are looking for an even more affordable Samsung phone, check out Samsung S21 FE Reviews, Samsung A72 Reviews and Samsung A52 Reviews, or look at Smart Phone Buying Guide. But if you Like Apple iPhone, look at best iPhones 2024 list.

  1. Samsung S22 in one minute
  2. Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra
  3. S22Ultra Pros and Cons
  4. S22Plus Pros and Cons
  5. Samsung Galaxy S22 Pros and Cons
  6. How is Samsung S22 Reviews and User Comments?
  7. Galaxy S22+ plus User Reviews and Comments
  8. Galaxy S22 Ultra Reviews

Samsung S22 in one minute

Using the fastest chip of Samsung Galaxy ever, the Samsung S22 adds a high level of power to almost all the features of your phone with its 4nm chip. Moreover, it provides legendary night shots, incredibly sharp photos from day to night and an optimal mobile gaming experience that leads you to victory.

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display is the number one enemy of screen glare, with 1750 nits. Also with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, it allows you to scroll smoothly in Games. Its protective Aluminum frame functions like an armor. The front and back of the Samsung S22 phone are equipped with tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+, and both are IP68 certified.

The Samsung S22 puts the hardware power of professionals in one hand, with Nightography technology in addition to the front camera up to 40 MP and the rear camera set up to 108 MP. Thanks to Nightography technology, the auto frame rate detects the light and automatically switches to the optimum fps rate. It allows you to capture the night better with its large pixel sensors that allow more light input while keeping the noise at a minimum to achieve the light quality in movie sets. Super Clear Glass and Lens, soften lens reflections for clearer and brighter frames. Super HDR adjusts your shots to capture stunning details and hues by displaying 64x more colors, even in environments with misleading shadows or backlights. Finally the Tele Zoom system provides up to 10x optical zoom, the double lens and AI-enhanced Super Resolution lets you zoom up to 100x.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra

Samsung S22 Ultra

Galaxy Samsung S22 ultra reviews pros and cons
Galaxy Samsung S22 ultra
DISPLAY: 6.8 inch Edge Quad HD+, 1750 nits 120 Hz, Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face identification
– 12MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera
– 108MP Wide Angle Camera
– 10MP primary Telephoto Camera
– 10MP secondary Telephoto Camera
– 100X Zoom
Battery: 5000mAh, 45W Super Fast Charge
MEMORY: 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB
S Pen: Yes
Price in USA:
128GB 8GB RAM: $1100
256GB 12BG RAM: $1200
512GB 12GB RAM: $1300
Samsung S22 ultra specs and price in US

Samsung S22+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus price in USA specs worth it
Galaxy S22 Plus
DISPLAY: 6.6″ Flat FHD+, 1750 nits 120 Hz, Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face identification
– 12MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera
– 50MP Wide Angle Camera
– 10MP Telephoto Camera
– 30X Zoom
Battery: 4500mAh, 45W Super Fast Charge
MEMORY: 128 GB and 256 GB
S Pen: No
Price in USA:
128GB 8GB RAM: $1000
256GB 8GB RAM: $1050
Samsung S22+ (plus) specs and price in US

Samsung S22

galaxy samsung s22 nightography 2022 2024
Galaxy Samsung s22
DISPLAY: 6.1 inch Flat FHD+, 1300 nits 120 Hz, Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face identification
– 12MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera
– 50MP Wide Angle Camera
– 10MP Telephoto Camera
– 30X Zoom
Battery: 3700mAh, 45W Super Fast Charge
MEMORY: 128 GB and 256 GB
S Pen: No
Price in USA:
128GB 8GB RAM: $800
256GB 8GB RAM: $850
Samsung S22 specs and price in US

S22Ultra Pros and Cons

S22 Ultra Pros (worth its Cost)

  • Great primary camera
  • Long battery life
  • Industry-leading display quality
  • great voice quality
  • Excellent little S Pen
  • Ultra-premium build quality
  • Impressive performance with 4nm chipset
  • Faster 45W charging
  • 100x zooming capability
  • Stylish, weatherproof design
  • 5G, Wi-Fi 6E and eSIM
  • Impressive low-light photography with Nightography technology
  • modern premium touches – big display, boxy shape, curved edges, unique camera styling
  • Hugely bright and punchy screen with adaptive refresh
  • Gorilla glass victus+ protection and IP68 support
  • The best software support on any Android phone
  • Ultra-long update support

S22 Ultra Cons (Don’t worth its Cost)

  • Very expensive
  • S Pen eats up internal volume and adds weight
  • Gaming performance could’ve been better
  • Less RAM than previous model
  • Shorter battery life than S21 Ultra
  • Without micro SD card support
  • Exynos 2200 isn’t as powerful as 8 Gen 1
  • Speakers could be better
  • Not a huge upgrade over Galaxy S21 or Note 20
  • lack of audio codecs for Bluetooth
  • 5 GHz WLAN not particularly fast
  • It’s a gigantic phone that almost demands two hands
  • Doesn’t come with a charger
  • Back scratches easily
  • Few camera improvements over predecessor
  • storage not expandable
Galaxy S22 plus Series reviews price camera battery life comparison
Galaxy S22 Series reviews

S22Plus Pros and Cons

Pros (worth its Cost)

  • Excellent cameras
  • True 3x zoom camera
  • Strong performance with Cutting-edge CPU
  • Incredible, vivid and bright display
  • Faster 45W charging
  • OneUI 4.0 is intuitive
  • Churns out good daylight shots
  • Bigger screen than the S21
  • Bigger battery than the S21
  • Four years of software updates, five years of security patches
  • Superb haptics
  • Excellent cellular reception

Cons (Don’t worth its Cost)

  • Performance not best in class
  • Recycled look
  • Battery life could be better
  • No microSD slot
  • Phone regularly runs hot
  • Photos can look a little washed out
  • 45W charging provides few benefits over 25W
  • Battery life isn’t fantastic
  • S22 Ultra’s features are worth the extra $100
  • Price is Expensive
  • Most camera improvements still can’t match Google Pixel
  • Tops out at 256GB storage
  • Low light photography can be better

Samsung Galaxy S22 Pros and Cons

Pros (worth its Cost Reviews)

  • Upgraded triple camera array
  • Lovely small size with Slick compact design
  • Bright and punchy screen with adaptive refresh rate
  • Price Starts at $800
  • Feature-packed software
  • True 3x zoom camera
  • 45W Super Fast Charging Support
  • 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support.
  • Excellent signal strength
  • High-quality build and design
  • Powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor
  • Doesn’t compromise on power despite being smaller
  • Excellent camera, especially for a baseline model
  • Gorilla glass Victus+ protection
  • Water and dust resistance
  • 8K video recording with stereo sound and gyro-EIS support.

Cons (Don’t worth its Cost Reviews)

  • Selfie camera does not support gyro-EIS
  • Short battery life and isn’t the best
  • Few improvements from Galaxy S21
  • Adaptive Pixel is a bit overhyped
  • No microSD card expansion
  • Software not entirely bug-free
  • Pricey
  • No UWB or WiFi 6E
  • No headphone jack

How is Samsung S22 Reviews and User Comments?

Galaxy S22 Positive comments

  • I love the shape, the speakers, the display, oneUI and so many more things.
  • love the design, wow, best version of the pink color yet! The phone also runs very smoothly and the camera is amazing. At night even better. Nothing wrong with it at all, I have had every single galaxy since it first came out, never going to any other phone!
  • I would 100% recommend this phone for anyone who’s looking for a small phone and they don’t care about how long their phone lasts and always have chargers near by.
  • The screen is amazing. Never thought the 120hz refresh rate was a big deal but immediately noticed a difference when I switched. So much better.
  • I’ve been using Samsung phones for a long time. My last phone was the S20 and I wanted an upgrade. Glad I made the choice. I like the design and the gray color is really nice too. Would definitely buy again.
  • Operating system is fast and smooth, compared to previous versions of the Galaxy. Display and colors really pop!
  • It was a big step from the S7 Active that I had, so am having difficulty getting used to it. I don’t like that I have to press the button to access the screen, instead of just tapping the bottom of the screen!

Galaxy S22 Negative comments

  • Fingerprint reader is a little wonky if you have a screen protector.
  • the battery just doesn’t work for me. Maybe I got a faulty unit or it’s actually that bad, but for a week straight I wasn’t able to get over 3 hours of screen on time. I wouldn’t say I’m a power user or anything and mostly use my phone for social media. But my 4 year old OnePlus 5T lasts longer than this phone. I turned off 120hz display and 5g thinking it might improve the battery but that didn’t help either.
  • Visual voicemail is disabled on samsung unlocked devices. This is the most frustrating thing ive ever heard. Because I paid full price for a flagship phone to be mine without a carrier and this is what i get.
  • Samsung will lose a lot of consumers if it follows Apple’s lead. Samsung does not offer a charger or any other accessories with the phone.
  • I upgraded from the s20 to the s22 and i regret it. The the s22 battery is terrible and it over heats so much with then contributes to lag. I have had a samsung phone since the s4 and for my next phone, i am seriously considering the iphone and i loath apple.

Samsung S22+ plus User Reviews and Comments

S22Plus Positive comments

  • Yes, I’d recommend this product. I purchased this 3 months ago upgrading from Samsung S10, In short just love it. Handles great.
  • I left Apple for Samsung and I didn’t regret it. Give Samsung a try and you will love it.
  • Originally I was an iPhone fan, then I tried a Pixel, and now I am rocking this Samsung S22+. So far, I appreciate the build quality and I love the green color! I was really excited for the camera.
  • I bought a new Galaxy S22+ a month ago to replace my Galaxy S10. But I could not be happier. the camera is AMAZING! The battery lasts for a long time and every feature is updated. The phone is a great size and fits well in your pocket. I love this phone!
  • got it few months ago and quite happy so far. I use the camera a lot and it has been great … beautiful pictures.
  • I connects to my watch my tablet and my laptop of course they are all Samsung. Such awesome product would definitely recommend them!
  • As of recent, I have owned the S20 FE, S21 plus, S21 FE and I can without a doubt say the S22 plus truly is a great device. I love the design and the green color, it’s got a nice finish and even though the design is very similar, the S22 plus just stands out differently in my opinion. The screen is bright and colors are beautiful, the speakers are loud and clear.
  • The last phone I had was the Galaxy S7 and it finally died on me a couple weeks back. I had my choice of the S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra.

S22Plus Negative comments

  • There isn’t any guidance on how to navigate the phone and no owners manual unless you download it.
  • Phone will not stay connected to wifi. Battery sucks! I thought I was upgrading from my s10+, but this is literally the exact phone. I can’t tell any difference in 4g or 5g. Also don’t feel like the camera is any better either. Taking the phone back today before I get stuck with it for years.
  • Traded in my Samsung Galaxy 8 plus, but not much of a difference between phones, just costs extra $100 a month !!!!
  • I gave up a perfectly capable Galaxy S10+ for the Galaxy S22+, I realize now this was a huge mistake. For example why are ALL the buttons on the PALM side of the phone (right side)? so If you want to take a screen cap without a gesture, you have to use two hands and fumble around to hit the two buttons that are just far enough apart that you can’t use one finger.
  • Firstly the 5G is not worth it, it doesn’t perform notably faster. Let’s do a run down of some other issues I have with this phone: – No SD Card slot – No headphone jack – No Charger included (They give a very short cable) – Battery life sucks. – No discernable difference in the camera The S10+ was an awesome phone, and the S22+ doesn’t upgrade you, it just takes away. I’ve been a Galaxy S user since S3, and I’m so very disappointed. I definitely will try another brand with my next phone.
s22ultra price in usa specs specifications performance nightography
s22ultra reviews and specs

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Reviews

Positive Samsung S22Ultra Reviews

  • Overall, this has been a decent phone. Good performance, battery life, and camera. What I’ve come to expect from Samsung high end phones.
  • I have always had a note phone in the past. Passed up on the 21 series because there was not a note in the bunch. I am thrilled that Samsung decided to roll the note style phone into the S series. The battery last all day for me and then some. So I charge it up every night as I always do. I love always on display, Dex, the ability to have more than one thing on a screen and every other feature that Samsung delivers especially the cameras. So I will always seek out Samsung before any other manufacturer. I can say I have had no problems with this phone. The S 22 Ultra fits my needs and my life perfectly especially with 4 years of updates. I recently purchased another for a family member.
  • So far I am very happy with the S22 Ultra, I ordered the 512 GB version in Burgundy. I traded in my Note 20 Ultra for it. On paper the specs for the S22 didn’t look that much better than the Note 20; but after using it everything on the S22 works and looks better. The camera is amazing. While setting up the S22 and using the Note 20 I can see the everything on the S22 is noticeably faster. I don’t like that I cannot use the 512 GB mem card I had in my Note, so I went with the 512 GB version of the S22;

Samsung S22Ultra Negative Reviews

  • Purchased this S22 ultra via during promotion preorder. For the Feature, there almost no difference than the previous S20 note. The performance is a bit better. Design is design, a phablet the camera, gets the job done. But it is very poor value. You can get a decent laptop for less. I got the phone due to the offset of “Samsung Credit” so that it would be of better value. But I couldn’t use them even after talking to 4 reps. What a scam. If you can get better value from another vender, maybe this phone will be worth it. But as it stands, it is of poor value.
  • My first s series Galaxy was the 20 Ultra and I had zero complaints it didn’t have any cons in my personal opinion. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about the 21,now that I have the s22 Ultra I have the very same one complaint from the previous version. No upgradable storage. So close to a no hitter but that is how it goes.
  • This phone is one of the best in the class but the battery is worst. I have to charge twice a day and I am not a heavy user nor do games on the phone. Changed to power saving and still the battery didn’t last for a whole day.
  • The biggest problem is that there is no way in the network settings to tell the phone to default to 4G. So when I’m driving in areas with poor 5G coverage, my music and navigation sound like I’m listening to an AM radio station driving out of range. I’m worried if I’m really in the woods I will be completely offline.

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