Best Smartphone buying guide, what to consider when buying a Phone in 2024

Best Smart Phone buying guide for 2024? What features should be considered when buying a mobile phone? Smartphones are indispensable devices in our lives in 2024, affordable Smartphone prices and campaigns have made phone models the most attractive. Find suitable phones. then look at the summary of the comments written for the brand and model you like. Then decide on the wire model you will take with the right steps. Without reading the 2024 Smartphone Buying guide, you can directly look at the best phones to buy in 2024, which is the answer to the question of which phone should buy in 2024. If you are an iPhone lover, you can look at the best iPhone to have in 2024.

Smartphone buying guide

If you are wondering what to consider when buying a new phone, first review the reviews in this buyer’s guide, suggestions, recommendations, and comparisons. Then find the most suitable phones for you. Also, look at the summary of the comments written throughout your country for the brand and model you like. Then decide on the wire model you will take with the right steps.

  1. 2024 smart phone buying guide for quality and design
  2. Smartphone Screen Guide and suggestions
  3. Smart Phone processor Guide
  4. What features should the camera have
  5. Buying guide for smartphones battery and charging
  6. What we should look for in Smartphones OS and UI version
  7. Buying guide for Smart phones storage capacity
  8. What to look for in sound / speakers
  9. Smart Phone Brands Comparisons
  10. And finally the price
Things to consider when buying a smartphone, Smart Phone Buyers Guide  2024
Smart Phone Buyers Guide 2024

1- 2024 Smartphone buying guide for quality and design

The entire phone market is largely divided into two types of construction – metal and plastic. There are even those with glass-enclosed panels, but these are very limited. If you are one of those people who tend to drop your smartphone, it is recommended to opt for a metal or plastic-built handset. Review Samsung a52, which is the best mid-range phone of the Samsung brand that everyone loves, looks very attractive in terms of price and we recommend it. Also, look at the most popular iPhones list.

2- Smartphone Screen Guide and suggestions

The size and resolution of the screen depend on how you use your smartphone. If you frequently stream videos, edit photos or videos, or download and watch movies, a smartphone screen ranging from 5.5 inches to 6 inches, full HD or QHD resolution should be good enough for you. Anything larger than a 6-inch screen not only makes the handset extra bulky, it also makes it harder to carry. If you’re a regular user and largely use the smartphone to check email, chat, and browse social media apps, anything from a 5-inch to 5.5-inch HD or full-HD screen handset is perfect. See iPhone 13 pro max reviews.

3- Smart Phone processor Guide

A smartphone’s processing power varies from one device to another depending on various factors. For instance OS version, user interface, bloatware, and more. If you are a heavy user who needs to edit images/videos/documents online, play heavy games, stream videos, or frequently use apps in split-screen mode, then Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821-enabled smartphones should streamline multitasking for you. If you are an iPhone fan see the strongest iPhones 2024 list. Light users will appreciate the handsets that come with MediaTek processors. When it comes to processors and operating systems, the iPhone is always in the first place. If you are wondering which iPhone I should buy in 2024, you can check our iPhone ranking list.

4- What features should the camera have

Just having a higher megapixel count doesn’t mean the smartphone camera is better. Various features are also important, such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus, and more. A 16MP rear camera may not necessarily be better than a 12MP one. The same theory applies to the front camera. A higher pixel count means the size of the image is larger, and this becomes sharper when viewed on a small screen.

A photography enthusiast might want a 12 or 16MP sensor camera with f/2.0 or lower aperture for quick shots even in low light. A casual shooter can even go with an 8MP 0r 12MP camera with f/2.0-f/2.2 aperture. We recommend the Xiaomi mi 11t, a suitable mobile phone for those who want a phone with a good camera but an affordable price. Or you can look at the features of the Huawei p50 pro, which claims the best camera of 2024. Also you can look at the iPhone 13 pro pros and cons with the best selfie and front camera.

5- Buying guide for smartphone battery and charging

Battery usage differs from user to user, depending on how they use the smartphone. If you are a heavy user and work on apps, play games, stream videos and more, then go for a smartphone with at least 3500 mAh battery or higher. If you’re an average or light user, a phone with a 3000mAh battery will be good enough to run for a full day.

6- What we should look for in Smartphone’s OS and UI version

The user interface and operating system version are also important factors to consider when choosing a smartphone. These are interfaces that need to be interacted with every time to access anything. So it should be easy and simple. On the other hand you can buy Motorola phones, Nexus / Pixel smartphones and even Android One devices for the most basic and pure Android experience. But different skins like ZenUI, Xperia UI, Samsung TouchWiz, EMUI and others offer more nifty features for sorting apps and more options in styles that the company thinks users will find easier. However, smartphones from OEMs also come with bloatware and certain apps you’ll probably never use. Therefore, we recommend that you try the handset before choosing one. See best flagship phones 2024 and best iphone to buy 2024 list for iPhone funs

7- Buying guide for Smart phones storage capacity

Most of the storage space of the smartphone is taken from the operating system and the applications that the device comes pre-installed. 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB or more does not have the exact space specified. If you like to keep fewer apps on your devices, you can go for 128GB iPhone 13 reviews.

8- What to look for in sound/speakers

The speakers and the sound quality from them can be an important parameter for those who rely on heavy video streaming or video conferencing. If you like entertainment on the go, buy a phone with a front-facing speaker. This gives a clear sound even when holding the smartphone in landscape mode. If you’re not too immersed in video streaming or video conferencing, a regular handset with bottom-firing speakers will suffice. Those with rear-mounted speakers are fine too.

9- Smart Phone Brands Comparisons

The best-selling phone brands in the world are Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and domestic brands like Vestel and Casper. Sometimes we can considered brand addicts and we buy the product by trusting our brand. But we also need to research other factors. For example, A72 Samsung phone and Samsung A52 2023 are among the most recommended phones, with different features and prices from last year’s trend flagship phones, HUAWEI P50 is among our recommendations. For those who want a more performance product, buy the Samsung S21FE.

You can also review the best phones of 2024. So if you say you want the best android phone of 2024, take a look at our Samsung S21 FE Pros and Cons article. Also, Apple Funs can see Apple iPhone 13 pro max reviews or iPhone 13 mini User reviews

10- And finally the price

Of course, a device with a higher price will have more features, but you should choose the best price performance phones 2024 suitable for your budget.

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