2024 Best Android Apps must-have for phones

If you have an Android smartphone or you want one of the new phones coming out, you will need some basic apps to sync your files, watch movies, track your sleep patterns, keep track of what you read, and more.

You’ll find the best Android apps 2024 on the Play Store, with over 1 million apps available to download to your Android device in 2024. These apps have become ubiquitous with Android, and if you’re looking for the good stuff, you probably already have some of them. There are loads of great Android apps out there. However, their usefulness is often limited by the habits of the people who use them. These applications should not have these problems. Anyone can use them.

Without further delay, here are the best Android must-have apps available right now! Most people should be relatively familiar with most of these apps. They are the best so the list doesn’t change very often. It’s hard to get into the Hall of Fame. With so many apps to sort through, it can be difficult to find which ones deserve a place on your Android phone. That’s where we come in and we’ve rounded up the best, most useful apps the Google Play Store has to offer. See also the best smartphones list in 2024.

top best must have android apps 2024
top best must have android apps 2024
  1. LastPass – Must-have password retention app in 2024
  2. CamScanner – One of the Best Android Apps for scanning documents
  3. TempMail – create a temporary email address
  4. TunnelBear – vpn proxy
  5. YouCut – Top Video Editor & Movie Maker
  6. Evernote – notebook
  7. YouTube Kids – YouTube for kids

1- LastPass – Must-have password retention app in 2024

What is LastPass?

What does LastPass do? LastPass app is a password manager app, without a password manager it is not possible to keep track of strong and unique passwords for your bank, e-male, social media and dozens or hundreds of different accounts you use. LastPass Premium offers many premium features, including cross-platform syncing, secure sharing, password strength report, and dark web monitoring. However, a change to the device sync rules would render the free version of LastPass useless for most people. LastPass is still an Editors’ Choice password manager for its ease of use and great features, but we no longer recommend it for free users.

How is LastPass?

LastPass Pros

  • Supports many platforms and browsers
  • Password strength report and dark web monitoring tools
  • Secure sharing and password inheritance
  • Two factor authentication

LastPass Cons

  • Sync limitations for free users
  • Some types of personal data cannot be used to fill out forms
  • No U2F support
  • Some components list outdated options

2- CamScanner – One of the Best Android Apps for scanning documents

What is CamScanner?

What does CamScanner do? It is the application that will turn your phone into a powerful and portable scanner that automatically recognizes text (OCR). It will help you be more productive at work and in your daily life. You can instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG, Word or TXT formats.

How is CamScanner?

CamScanner Pros

  • The application is multifunctional and can provide all kinds of uses
  • Scan quality can be adjusted
  • Scanned documents can be shared via email or social media
  • The app supports AirPrint
  • Documents can be secured with a password

CamScanner Cons

  • Sync limitations for free users
  • Some types of personal data cannot be used to fill out forms
  • No U2F support
  • Some components list outdated options

3- TempMail – create a temporary email address

What is TempMail?

What does TempMail do? TempMail is a disposable email address (DEA) generator application, if you need a temporary email with no long-term value, you can quickly create an email address with TempMail. For example, you can use TempMail if you don’t want your personal e-mail to fall into public hands, but you need an e-mail address to sign up for a chat room or discussion board. You can expect it to remain valid until you throw it away. So what are the pros and cons of using a disposable email address?

How is TempMail?

TempMail Pros

  • Spam: Due to Spam, which is the nightmare of our lives, our e-mail boxes are filling up fast, and we cannot distinguish our important e-mails, you will enter a simple page once, but it is necessary to enter an e-mail address, you will either give up, or enter your personal e-mail address, but you will be saved from Spam e-mails coming from there for a lifetime. you won’t get rid of it, the only solution is to use a temporary email
  • Confidentiality: I don’t need much explanation, sometimes you want to be a member of a place but yes you don’t want to hear rumors that this guy is a member there, so you need another temporary email address
  • Security: you do not want your email address that you use in real transactions to fall into the hands of everyone.
  • Clean mailbox: you don’t want your mailbox to be full of junk
  • it’s free
  • No Registration Required: no need to fill out long forms to get an email address

TempMail Cons

  • Banned: many sites and applications can define such addresses, and however, TempMail does not allow access with addresses.
  • Potentially insecure: TempMail-style temporary emails should only be used to log in to junk pages and apps, and are only useful to keep you anonymous, but can’t be trusted.
  • Password-free: Tempmail-style applications are easily password-guessed
  • it is short-lived: I should not use such addresses in important and long-term places (for example, in CV)

4- TunnelBear – vpn proxy

TunnelBear in 1 Minutes?

What is TunnelBear? and What does TunnelBear do? It is one of the free and popular VPN providers. For many users, it means that the TunnelBear provider has modern settings that allow to use torrents and bypass censorship more efficiently.

TunnelBear is a freemium (free + premium) VPN. This means that its financial model is based on pulling users from the free to the premium plan.

How is TunnelBear?

TunnelBear VPN proxy Pros

  • Vivid and user-friendly interface
  • Reliable protection of IP addresses when VigilantBear is on
  • Same functionality in paid and free versions

TunnelBear VPN proxy Cons

  • Loads too much on CPU
  • Does not fully protect traffic with default settings
  • Possible problems with the Internet after disconnection
  • GhostBear feature is not very useful
  • No SplitBear
  • No Netflix support (available on all platforms)

5- YouCut – Top Video Editor & Movie Maker

What is YouCut?

What is YouCut and What does YouCut do? After taking beautiful videos and photos with your camera or mobile phone, you want to edit them to look beautiful. There are different types of video editors out there, but which is the best to give you high-quality video? That’s why you need a Youcut video editor. You don’t need to be a professional video editor before making high-quality videos with Youcut video editor for PC.

Youcut video editor is a capable video editor that can turn videos from your camera or smartphone into a movie. It has most of the video editing tools you will find in top quality video editing apps. However, Youcam is free to use.

How is YouCut?

YouCut Pros

  • Easy-to-use software
  • Convenient video slicing tools
  • Free version is embedded with many video editing tools
  • Live Recording feature included

YouCut Cons

  • Options for adding music to videos are very limited
  • Some users complain about seeing a black border when uploading Youcut videos to YouTube
  • No Undo button to revert to the previous edit
  • Some video players may not play some Youcut video formats

6- Evernote – notebook

What does Evernote do?

What is Evernote and What does Evernote do? Evernote is a cross-platform application supported by Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS and Android. With this application, the user can perform operations such as listing tasks, editing notes, archiving. Evernote also allows to creation notes in various formats such as voice memo, web page excerpts, text format and much more.

How is Evernote?

Evernote Pros

  • Evernote consolidates all your information in one place.
  • This native and offline featured app is available for almost any platform.
  • This application is reliable for storing data for long term purposes.
  • Evernote can contain images and snippets from the web or even the entire web page via a web clipper.
  • “Reminders” are a great way to combine your to-do lists with notes.
  • The app is also effective with pictures and snapshots of boards.

Evernote Cons

  • The free version of Evernote is limited to two devices only.
  • There is no official Linux app for Evernote.
  • The app has different features and functions for each device.
  • It’s bloated as well as complex features.
  • No recurring and snooze reminders.
  • Evernote constantly prompts users to upgrade their accounts.

7- YouTube Kids – YouTube for kids

What is YouTube Kids?

What is YouTube Kids? and What does YouTube Kids do? Kids of all ages love YouTube. Whether it’s free school aid, entertainment or educational videos, YouTube has become a stronghold in kids’ lives, but YouTube’s safety for kids is a complex issue. The freedom of kids to video surf on YouTube comes with great advantages as well as some risks of harm. So, how would you like your child to relate to the online video platform?

YouTube Kids is a premium entertainment app and gives kids tremendous freedom in watching videos. There is also YouTube Kids app for smart and android TVs.

How is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids Pros

  • Wide Variety of fun and educational People, Ideas and content
  • Helps children explore their sense of identity and individual skills
  • Can be used as an Academic Resource

YouTube Kids Cons

  • It may not be age appropriate, your understanding and opinion may be different with Youtube age policy.
  • There may be videos with false information
  • Introduce Bad Role Models to Children
  • Can create false hopes in children


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