State Farm Car insurance Quotes, Reviews, Pros-Cons 2022-2023

state farm car insurance quotes

What are the disadvantages of State Farm?

Is State Farm good at paying claims?

Is state a good insurance company?

What are the benefits of State Farm?

Is State Farm the most expensive insurance?

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How is State Farm Auto Insurance Company Quotes, Customer Reviews, Pros and Cons for 2022-2023?

How is State Farm Car Insurance Company, Quotes, Rates, Discounts? What is Professionals and real customers State Farm car insurance reviews and State Farm car insurance pros and cons?

State Farm is currently the largest private auto insurance company in the United States. It has a proven history of customer service since 1922. A wide variety of other insurance and financial products are also sold at State Farm Insurance agents. If you are looking for a wide range of products and a reliable brand, State Farm may be the best fit for you.

In 2021, State Farm received A.M.’s highest and best score (A++) for financial stability for an insurance company. They also received AA from S&P Global Ratings, which refers to the company’s financial strength and ability to pay Claims on time. State Farm is a well-known insurance company. But just because it has a big name among insurance companies doesn’t mean it will be chosen for all types of car insurance. Because despite its various discounts, State Farm may offer higher premiums than other car insurance companies. Later in the article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of choosing State Farm auto insurance. so we’ll help you decide if it’s best for you.

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State Farm Car Insurance pros and cons

Pros – What are the benefits of State Farm?

  • Largest auto insurer in the country
  • Strong overall customer service and policy renewal scores
  • Great average rates when adding a teen driver to a policy.
  • Discounts for bundling insurance products
  • Established insurance company
  • Wide selection of customizable insurance coverage options (auto, home, life, and more)
  • Easy-to-use website and mobile app
  • Extensive coverage options for all vehicles and drivers
  • Numerous discounts offered, including two programs — one for safe driving and the other for young drivers.
  • Transparent pricing and billing
  • Often the cheapest provider in many states
  • All of the amenities, 24/7 service, and coverage you would expect from America’s largest car insurance company
  • Highly rated customer satisfaction in home, renters, and life insurance
  • Terrific rates for folks with an accident or speeding ticket on their records.
  • Has decent rates for drivers with a DUI and will file SR-22 forms for those who must have them.
  • A low level of complaints filed with state insurance departments about car insurance.
  • Many discounts for teens and students
  • Generous rental car and travel expenses coverage.

Cons – What are the disadvantages of State Farm?

  • More complaints than average
  • Lack of discounts for long-term customers
  • Doesn’t offer gap insurance.
  • Not taking new customers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island
  • Higher rates for drivers with poor credit
  • If you want coverage options such as accident forgiveness, new car replacement or a vanishing deductible you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Average repair service: Car claim repairs can be done using non-original parts
  • Biased expertise: You can only buy insurance from the company directly or through its captive agents trying to sell their products
  • May not be the best option in all states for all drivers
  • Does not offer mechanical breakdown insurance

State Farm car insurance quotes 2022-2023

State Farm are one of the most affordable major car insurance companies in the USA. State Farm car insurance quotes offers an average rate of $44 per month for a minimum-liability policy, and $109 for full coverage in 2022-2023, 26% below the national average. But in some states, State Farm auto insurance quotes are above the country average, for example in California, State Farm car insurance quotes for 2022-2023 start at $52 for minimum-liability policy and $192 for full coverage.

If you have a driving accidents and you fall into the bad driver category, State Farm car insurance quotes for minimum liability are $122 on Ticket, $136 on accident and $299 on DUI. Still well below the national average.

 State Farm Car Insurance is the cheapest widely available and accessible insurer in most states. In some states, a small, local company or affiliate could offer you the least expensive car insurance. For example, Farm Bureau has the cheapest insurance in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Nebraska. But if you are looking for a reliable and nationwide car insurance company, State Farm offers the cheapest yet reliable car insurance offer in the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Drivers with State Farm can enroll in programs such as Drive Safe & Save to turn good driving habits into affordable quotes. You can also qualify for a range of discounts, including an accident-free discount, multicar discount and anti-theft discount.

Is State Farm the most expensive insurance?

State Farm may have the most expensive car insurance quotes in some states, such as California. But it offers the cheapest car insurance quotes in almost half of the states, plus if we factor in the stable condition of State Farm insurance company and its presence in all states, it offers very reasonable quotes and rates.

Settling a Claim- is State Farm good at paying claims?

State Farm car insurance says that they pay to repair, replace, or furnish the agreed upon actual cash value of your property, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. About 60% of State Farm customers say they are completely satisfied with the ease of making a claim and its resolution. While this percentage is above average overall, State Farm is a below average paying insurer in personal injury cases. Additionally, State Farm sometimes rejects requests, delays payments and prolongs issues that need to be resolved quickly

The biggest secret that anyone who has been in a car accident should know right now is State Farm, like any insurance company, will want to pay you as little as possible. This is not a personal issue, it is the way Insurance companies make money. So what can you do in this case, and how can you get compensation for your real loss in this difficult situation despite the premiums you have paid in full for years?

1- Gather Evidence for car insurance Claim

Immediately after the accident, start taking pictures of your car, the other car, the intersection, and the other driver’s license and insurance card. You may even want to take a photo of the other driver. In fact, keep a notebook and pen by the driver’s seat so you can quickly jot down a license plate number.

Get contact information if there are witnesses. Get a police report if possible. Even if you think the accident was your fault, don’t tell anyone. Do not sign any documents other than your police or insurance agent.

State Farm and many insurance companies have mobile apps that make it easy to post photos and the next process. Download that application to your phone beforehand and create a profile. In case of an accident, use the app or call your insurance company-agent.

2- Find the right repair location

Find the right repair location. You can usually use any body shop, but most insurers prefer stores that work directly with surveyors and guarantee their work. It’s always good to get quotes from several different places to make sure there is consistency. If you have rental car insurance, your insurer will pay at least part of the cost of the rental car during the repair process.

If the car is pert, the State Farm usually pays the car’s “real cash value” (the market value of a car in its age and condition). The insurer will send you a check for this value or pay the financing company if you have a loan then send you the additional money. In the case of another car, requests can get complicated and take longer, often up to 60 days. Even if the accident insurer decides who is at fault, the final payment may be delayed. This process can take from 10 days to a year.

3- How to fight with State Farm Vehicle insurance company

If the insurer is reducing repair costs, ask your workshop to provide a detailed estimate of what needs to be fixed. If that doesn’t work, find out if the policy has an “evaluation clause” where a third party reviews your body shop’s and insurer’s evaluation and agrees on a number. Additionally, your representative can assist with delayed claims. you may have a claim in your Lifetime, but they do it every day. The state insurance agency can also explain your rights and mobilize insurance companies.

Sample State Farm car insurance quotes( annual premiums) for Minnesota state

Coverage Type45-year-old, female safe driver (0 prior accidents) 2018 Ford Explorer All-Wheel Drive24-year-old, male high-risk driver (2 prior at-fault accidents) Ford Explorer All-Wheel Drive
Liability (bodily injury and property damage)
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
PIP medical $100 deductible
PIP economic with $200 deductible
State Farm Auto insurance Rates
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State Farmauto insurance customer reviews and discounts

Real Customers State Farm Car insurance Reviews

Highest Rated Customer Reviews

  • My experience with State Farm was great. My car broke down and I need it towed to a repair shop on a Saturday. Therefore they found a tow truck company and kept me informed every step of the way. Every person I spoke with at State Farm was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They have fantastic customer service.
  • I have had State Farm for almost two years on three cars. I previously had a local company from New England who wanted to cancel one of my drivers because of an accident. So State Farm insured us and has given us some of the BEST service I have had in my 30+ years of driving in Massachusetts. Progressive handled my claim where my car was parked and totaled by another car from out of state. They paid all costs they were responsible for in a timely manner and kept me informed throughout the claims process. I think they are a great company and I recommend them to anyone. Lastly, they do have good rates. So don’t be fooled by the company that says ‘Only pay for what you need”, their slogan should be “only pay for what you have to”.
  • State Farm was always a great company for us to work with. Because we’ve totaled multiple vehicles and they were always there ready to help us.

Lowest Rated Customer Reviews

  • State Farm is the ABSOLUTE WORST auto insurance I have EVER had the displeasure of using! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! Deplorable service.
  • State Farm have become a Scam over night. They have so many unqualified people including managers and they cannot help you nor protect you specially this CoVid 19.
  • I changed to State Farm last year and they gave me good price. But after 6 months they making a big deal about $20 credit do to coronavirus but they didn’t announce that they raise the premium by $90. Bad business!!!
  • I thought State Farm was going to be a great ins company. I was given great rates until I realized they added a driver to my policy whom which I did not add and my insurance tripled. It was nearly impossible to get her off my policy and I had to cancel. Even though I cancelled they are still charging me $176 which is ridiculous. Highly would NOT RECOMMEND!
  • Awful, awful, awful! You better hope it doesn’t rain where you live. Because if the adjuster sees one larger puddle in your yard, State Farm immediately calls it a flood so they don’t have to pay. Seriously! Any home damage caused by a hard rain will be termed a flood by State Farm so they can use it as a loophole to avoid paying ANYTHING! BEWARE…DO NOT GET State Farm !

State Farm Auto Insurance Customer Reviews part 2

Highest Rated Customer Reviews part 2

  • Thank you State Farm for everything that you’ve done for me this past couple of weeks and I really appreciate the time and effort that you got explaining to me everything that need to be done with my auto accident.
  • my overall experience was great. Everything was quick and easy. The Customer service was excellent!
  • Very responsive. Can do pretty much everything online. Very reasonable rates and rates go down with loyalty. Multi policy discounts, lots of discounts available. Don’t think I’ll go with another company again. I switched for a lower rate and my rate ended up going up with that company so I switched back. I won’t switch again. They also have a deductible savings which is awesome if you don’t get into accidents.
  • Would definitely recommend. They have very good rates and I save a ton with safe driving, etc. Not to mention I got hit from behind by a truck. The claim was so easy. Take pics, send in, etc. They fixed my car like new in 3 days!
  • State Farm auto insurance provides excellent rates, comparable to USAA; and their mobile app and online site is very user-friendly. As retired military, we were convinced USAA was the insurance we were supposed to use, until our son recommended State Farm. This is where we will stay!
  • Good discounts and rates. Excellent loyalty program. Big reliable company. Fast response, fair – high integrity – lower premium during COVID 19. Funny ad and creative advertisements.

Lowest Rated Customer Reviews part 2

  • Do not get State Farm. Instead get Elephant or Allstate. State Farm adds drivers to your policy without consent if there is there is another person with the same address, in turns your premiums go up.
  • This is a Mickey Mouse company that will screw you and anyone they can! I have escalated my complaint to the Insurance Regulatory personnel and will NOT stop until justice is completed to my satisfaction. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET THE REQUIRED INSURANCE ELSEWHERE!
  • This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. No meet in the middle just do not care about the consumer. I would never ever buy insurance from them again.
  • Terrible company. Would give a zero if possible. Never had a claim and then when we finally did, they refused to help us in our time of need. Go somewhere else that will actually take care of you when you need it.
  • We insure 1 of our vehicles with State Farm big mistake. Paid our bill, called and they yelled at us. No listening skills, they lied to us were rude and still do not comprehend our concerns.
  • I submitted a claim last week. It has been over 4 days, but nobody contacted me. They signed me a representative who could not be able to get contacted. Called over 10 times and left 3 messages already.
  • State Farm is the worst insurance company to deal with. They refuse to pay fair replacement value for cars. The CEO is a leach who gets rich off of ripping people off!

Customers State Farm Car Insurance Reviews part 3

Highest Rated Customer Reviews part 3

  • State Farm saved me over $300 the first year I became insured by the company. Now, after 10 years, my auto insurance is down below $500 a year & I have loyalty perks. The customer service is great & the website so easy to use!.
  • When I had an accident they were helpful even though I was not filing a claim with through them. They are always helpful on the phone. Their website is easy to understand.
  • I found the sign up very easy and straightforward. The overall value is excellent. Their reputation is also excellent. Also the coverages offered are very competitive. The mobile app is very easy to use. I’m glad to have chosen State Farm . I couldn’t be happier.
  • Pleasant always helpful. I am very pleased with my experiences with State Farm. I would highly recommend your services to others.
  • They are affordable. Firstly provide a variety of options and allow you to choose what you want as part of your plan rather than trying to sneak it in and charge for it. They also are empathetic. During the pandemic, they automatically provided me with a discount.
  • State Farm was very easy to work with when we had to get a damaged windshield replaced. Very expedient, great customer service, & price better than most. Also we love the discounts & were never offered these with our old insurance – MetLife – who we were with for 10yrs but never gave us the loyalty discounts that State Farm does!

Lowest Rated Customer Reviews part 3

  • My wife was involved in a minor traffic accident on Aug 24th 2021 causing approximately $1,741.99 in damages to her 2010 Ford Escape. My wife had a green light, the other driver had a red light. So the vehicle was repaired costing a total of $1741.89. My USAA insurance paid the 741.89 minus the deductible of $1000. State Farm refuses to pay the deductible despite the police report. Resolution: Have State Farm pay the $1000 deductible.
  • I was in transition from Florida to Georgia. I purchased the car during the process and registered it in Florida where I bought it. State Farm was informed of this. And continued to sell me a policy. A few months later a friend and I were discussing insurance and I told her I was insured with State Farm and she said that she didn’t they covered Florida. So it called State Farm and ask them and I was told that they did.
  • After 2 months my payments went from $238 to over $400 for no reason. Stopped auto pay and they still took money out of my account. Was put on hold for over 1 hour waiting for a supervisor. Finally hung up. Worst customer service I’ve experienced.

Is State Farm a good insurance company?

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